Jawara Kidul, The creation of Banten young filmmakers!

ThePresidentPost.com – Tanjung Lesung Festival 2015 will be held on October 30 to 31 2015, will show a new race in the world.
The competition is Bagan Race or boat racing, which will be along the coast in the area of Tanjung Lesung, Pandeglang, Banten. The Bagan Race will use fishing boats, on which there is a bagan frame and can be boarded as many as 20 passengers.
Tanjung Lesung 2015 Festival Committee to prepare as many as 10 boats chart to contested.
“The Bagan Race contestants is a tourism stakeholders, including local communities,” said Head of Culture and Tourism Department Banten, M Ali Fadi in a press release, Monday (10/19/2015).
Ali added, Bagan Race will be one of the attractions in Tanjung Lesung Festival 2015. Because the bagan boat race as it has never been done, and can be regarded as the first in the world.
“It will grow again the cultural heritage of Banten province, namely Bagan Boat,” he said.
Ali said, Bagan Race start will be performed at Kerang Beach, Panimbang District, Pandeglang and finish at the Beach Club, which is located in the coastal area of Tanjung Lesung.
There will be three categories competed in the Bagan Race, the winner is the fastest. Then the winner of the most beautiful decorate or decorate the bagan boat.
And the last winner who managed to bring the fish as much as possible when he reached the finish line. It is known that in the Tanjung Lesung Festival 2015, in addition to Bagan Race there are several other activities served to attract tourists for attendance at the event this fantastic, namely Fishermen Parade and Culture Festival, Ornamental Bicycle Parade, SMEs Products Exhibition, as well as the film shows the creation of Banten young filmmakers from Kremov Pictures, the movie ‘Jawara Kidul’ and ‘Perempuan Lesung’.
One of the films created by Banten young filmmakers will be included in the nomination of Indonesian Film Festival 2015 will be held in ICE South Tangerang City, Banten,” he said.
In Tanjung Lesung Festival 2015 will be held Grill Fish Party at the seaside Beach Club Tanjung Lesung, who was also enlivened by Momonon Band, and some Indie Band as well as the appearance of Disc Jockey (DJ).
Then there planting coral reef on the Liwungan island, which will be led by the Governor of Banten Rano Karno. Tanjung Lesung Festival 2015 will involve as many as 20 thousand people, both from Pandeglang or from districts/cities in Banten.
As for the tourists who attended the event came from various provinces in Indonesia, including the presence of foreign countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore. The tourists who come in are tourism actors.
They are present to attend a business forum meetings involving the Association of Tourism Actors Indonesia (ASPPI). Tanjung Lesung Festival 2015 also be attended by Banten Jeep Rubicon Community and Backpacker Indonesia Community. So, Come and Join.(bby)

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